Poems by Bruce

Beware the Bear

Beware the bear
Who from his lair emerging
Sniffs the springtime air with appetite
And hungry seeks to fill his rumbling stomach.
Admire that bear
But watch with care
And be sure to keep your distance.

©R Bruce Montgomery, 5/25/1999

Christmas Song

There was a beautiful baby, a-born on Christmas Day
He was very God incarnate, that’s what they say
They laid Him in the manger, of a lowly cattle stall
Not in a stately palace, or kingly marble hall.
But the angels saw beyond the surroundings where he lay,
They knew He was the Messiah, and their harps began to play. . .
“Glory, Hallelujah, what a wondrous deed is done
In God’s giving of Himself, incarnated in a Son.”

Lord, help us see that baby with new eyes this Christmas Day
More than a cuddly baby, asleep upon the hay
May we lift Him from the manger, raise Him up for all to see
So that all who will may know Him as He really is today:
Exalted, Risen Savior, the Life, the Truth, the Way.
Oh may men from every nation, rejoice with us and say. . .
“Glory, Hallelujah, what a wondrous deed is done
In God’s giving of Himself, incarnated in a Son.”

Words & Music ©R Bruce Montgomery, October 30, 1999

Perazzo/Canfield "Thank You" Note

[For my birthday my friends sent me on a treasure hunt through many rooms at church, starting with a cake in the refrigerator at church, ending with my present containing a variety of chewing gum in the "blue and green" room, which is our youth room. Each "clue" was written on a birthday card, with a personal note from one of the family members on each. With the gum was this note:]
We hope you like this
We feel kinda dumb
All we can afford
Is this gift of gum.
In response I sent the following e-mail]
Your present was WONDERFUL,
And not at all "dumb!"
How did you know I was about out of gum?

The cake looks delicious
The hunt was great fun
Your notes I will treasure
All day, and then some.

I love you each one,
I love you a lot
You made me feel special
And I thank you for that.

©R Bruce Montgomery, May 30, 2007
Poem for Sten's Birthday Card
Big B, little b, what begins with b?
Bible, bat and baseball, all begin with b.
Beth on a budget, Baptist on a bus.
Birthday blessings birthday boy, from Bob and both of us.
Buy yourself a present, please, don’t put this in the bank.
Bountiful Birthday wishes to our son-in-law first rank.

(By Dr. Breuss and Connie, not by Dr. Seuss)
©R Bruce Montgomery, May 20, 2007
A Benediction (set to an original tune)
May the Lord richly bless you, all your needs his Word supply
Give you strength for every trial, hear each prayer and quickly reply
May he shower you with mercies, may his blessings overflow
May the Lord richly bless you, hear each prayer and be quick to reply.

Words and Music©R Bruce Montgomery