Photos by Bruce
I enjoy taking photographs of people and scenery. Here are a few examples of scenic shots - primarily from Mexico, Medicine Lodge, KS, and the Coachella Valley.

These first four shots are taken pointing south and west of Desert Hot Springs, where there are hundreds of wind powered electric generators (commonly referred to as "windmills").
Fountain at entrance of Palm Springs International Airport - 5/16-2008
Covered walkway in front of shops on plaza running between Indian and Palm Canyon, Palm Springs, CA 5/08
Puerto Vallarta Dreams Resort Palms
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico arches on boardwalk
Box of mangos, Puerto Vallarta Beach, Mexico
Sunset from our balcony at Dreams Spa and Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta , Mexico coastline
Dreams Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - July 2006
Lighthouse, Glouster, MA - July 2004
Barber shop on south main street of Medicine Lodge, Kansas 12/29/07
Support of our troops painted on oil tank on road between
Medicine Lodge and Lake City, KS 12/29/07
It's been a while since you could buy gas in Lake City, Kansas 12/29/07
First Baptist Church in Sun City, Kansas - my parents Bob and Ruth Montgomery
were married in this church in June of 1947. I preached my first Sunday morning
sermons in this church in the summer of 1967. During the week I was working
on Bill Bollman's farm near Anthony between my first
 and second years of Bible School.
It's bleak and cold at the cemetery in Medicine Lodge, Kansas 12/29/07
My mother's gravestone in Medicine Lodge, Kansas. Born in Medicine Lodge,
she attended Hays Teacher's College and taught for nine years before being called
 to the mission field. She met my Dad at Bible Baptist Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.
 They planted a church in Terrell, TX where I was born, then served as missionaries
- in Jordan from 1950 - 1956, then in Pakistan from 1957 on. Pic taken 12/29/07
This is the gravestone of my mother's parents, Roy Terrance and Della Mae Phillips.
Both were born in Missouri. Della moved with her family to Kansas when she
 was only a few years old (six if I remember correctly). It took a month
to travel across the prairie by covered wagon to Barber County.

This is the gravestone of Grandma Della's parents,
Ann E. and Lewis A. Jester - my great grandparents,
who were born in Missouri. My other great-grandparents (Phillips) are also
buried in this cemetery. The Phillips family plot is the first one on your right
as you enter the central entrance to the cemetery off Highway 281.
Photo taken 12/29/07
Reflection on pond behind Hope Center at Eisenhower hospital
Reflections on pond 2
Early morning sky outside my front door in Desert Hot Springs, CA
Covered wagons used in Peace Treaty Pageant in Medicine Lodge, KS,
 where we still have family
All that's left of Pixley, KS is the former weigh station - Sept 2006
Abandoned farm house on Highway 160 between Medicine Lodge
and Harper, KS - December 2005
Another view of same dilapidated farmhouse on
Highway 160 in Kansas - December 2005
The other buildings on the farm haven't fared any better! December 2005
Medicine Lodge, KS sunset
Sunset in Indio, CA
Sunset in Indio, CA 2
Old adobe house at corner of Pierson and West in Desert Hot Springs, CA
Windmill - just south of Pixley, KS - Sept 2006
Train tracks leading nowhere from Pixley, KS - Sept 2006
Mt. San Gorgonio viewed from in front of Grace Church,
Desert Hot Springs, CA - Winter 2007
Amazing sand sculpture on the beach by the boardwalk
in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - July 2006
Blue sky over mountains, looking west from Grace Church
on Bubbling Wells Rd. in Desert Hot Springs 8/07
The Charval Ranch is just across the road and north a bit
from Grace Church in Desert Hot Springs 8/07
Sunset over mountains west of Desert Hot Springs
(includes Mt. San Gorgonio to right of center) 09/07
View of blue sky and clouds looking west from my driveway
in Desert Hot Springs, CA 8/07
A wider shot of the same Model-T roadster - a beauty! 8/07
A look at the interior of a cherry 55 Chevy
at the car show in Desert Hot Springs 8/07
A beautiful 36 Chevy owned by Harvey of Desert Hot Springs, CA 8/07
The snow cone vendor at the car show as dusk fell
in the park at Desert Hot Springs, CA 8/07
Boarding the train to LA at the Fontana Transit Station July 2007
Freight train coming through Fontana, CA July 2007
Railroad crossing in Fontana, CA July 2007

All photos on this page are taken by and copyright by Bruce Montgomery.
May be copied and distributed only with prior permission