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Family Resource Center Red Ribbon Celebration

Desert Hot Springs, CA - October 18, 2008 
Here are a few of the pictures I took at the third annual Open House/Community Celebration hosted by the Family Resource Center of Desert Hot Springs. Thanks to Elsa Garcia and her staff, many volunteers, and numerous providers and sponsors who made the event possible. 

Additonal pictures are available on my flickr site: 

Mayor Yvonne Parks with Sharlene, Marlen and Jasmine, 
members of the Mime Group from Grace Church,
which performed three numbers at various times for the crowd 
DHS Booth in front of Riverside County Offices 
Marina, Uvaldo, Xochilt and Mariam - four of the youth from Grace Church 
John Brown, Family Services of the Desert, with foster child 
Anna Lewellen at DHS FRC booth
Elsa Garcia, DHS FRC Director
Petals the clown painted faces all day long
Bobbi Cain at the "hand-painted" wall - handprints
by children and adults during the celebration
Two Bunch Palms Elementary PTO representative Aida won the dance contest
Martha Matus, Supervisor of the four county Family Resource Centers
How high and how hard can YOU kick?
The message was clear: "say no to drugs!"
These are only a fraction of the pictures of the Red Ribbon
Community Celebration available.
Many more are posted at
Tamale Festival- Indio, CA, Sunday, December 2, 2007


4th Annual Veteran's Day Event- Desert Hot Springs, CA
Sunday, November 11, 2007

Posting of colors by ROTC, Desert Hot Springs High School

(L to R) City Manger Rick Daniels, Councilman Hank Hohenstein and

Pastor Kirk Warman (Grace Church) visiting with one another

before start of the ceremonies 11/11/07

Karen Miller and her father, Sgt. Carl E. Ewert, airforce veteran 11/11/07

DHS Mayor-elect Yvonne Parks shaking hands with Sgt. Ewert 11/11/07

Buzz Gambill, editor and publisher of the Valley Breeze

Dot Reed, emcee, welcomed us and made introductions

Councilman Hank Hohenstein gave the invocation
Newly elected DHS City Councilman Russell Betts
Maria Perez (R) 11/11/07
Tom & Marilyn Heidrick 11/11/07
Presentation of colors by ROTC, DHSHS 11/11/07
Salute to the flag of the United States of America 11/11/07
The pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America 11/11/07
Mayor-elect Parks honored her husband Frank 11/11/07
Colonel Wes Weston, USMC, Guest Speaker 11/11/07
Al Schmidt standing during salute to our veterans.
Veterans of each branch of our armed services stood as their anthem was played 11/11/07
 Tom Heidrick 11/11/07
Jack Burrell 11/11/07
Buzz (Navy Veteran) and wife Suzanne Gambill 11/11/07
Sgt. Carl E. Ewert with son-in-law Rev. Paul Miller, pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in DHS
Veterans of our armed services standing during salute to our veterans provided by Sean Keffer
Standing (L to R) Buzz Gambill, Navy veteran, John Sanducci,
Airborne paratrooper, and Frank Hodge, Army veteran 11/11/07
Seated (L to R) Connie Montgomery, Rev. Paul Miller, Karen Miller, Sgt. Carl E. Ewert 11/11/07
Close up of clasped hands during ceremony 11/11/07
Sgt. Kirk Warman, USMC (standing), Sgt. Carl E. Ewert, Airforce (seated front right) 11/11/07
Councilman Hohenstein talking to Col. Weston after the ceremony 11/11/07
Some late arrivals showed up after the ceremony to eat and visit with those assembled 11/11/07
Beautiful floral arrangement at the base of the memorial 11/11/07
Walking back to the car we spotted this meadolark carrying a grasshopper
past a patriotic curb house number marker 11/11/07!
Ribbon cutting at the dedication of the Guy J. Tedesco Park
by city council, joined by one of Guy's sisters 9/22/07
Councilmember Scott Matas giving God thanks for the beautiful day
at the beginning of his dedication speech. It was Matas who brought
the idea of naming the renovated park in memory of
Guy Tedesco to City Council. 09/22/07
Elsa Garcia, board member of FOOD NOW and directof
of the Desert Hot Springs Family Resource center
presented a plaque to the family of Guy Tedesco. 09/22/07
Family members of Guy Tedesco, including three sisters,
a nephew, and two nieces 09/22/07
Food tent and children's play area at the beautiful
new Guy Tedesco Park in Desert Hot Springs 09/22/07

Miss Desert Hot Springs was one of many people

attending the dedication of the park 09/22/07

The Guy Tedesco park includes a state of the art BMX area 09/22/07

A demonstration of BMX bicycle skills at Guy Tedesco park 09/22/07

Jim Knapp, Paul Miller and John Furbee enjoying the

breakfast at the Tedesco Park Dedication 09/22/07

MSign at park entrance on Hacienda. Guy Tedesco, founder of FOOD NOW,
was dedicated to feeding the hungry and homeless. The city of Desert Hot Springs
 honored this compassionate man as a gesture of appreciation for what
he brought to our community. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 1995,
and passed away in 2007. Photo taken 09/22/07
Ribbon cutting for FOOD NOW - September 14, 2006
Gary Jeandron officially cuts the ribbon
as various community leaders watch.
Mary Prado, Program Director is at center wearing a white blouse.
Next to her is DHS Police Chief Pat Williams.
On the far right is Elsa Garcia, director of
the Desert Hot Springs Family Resource Center. 8/14/07

FOOD NOW is located at 11555 Palm Drive. Started by Guy Tedesco,

who is deceased, Food Now has been feeding the hungry and homeless

in Desert Hot Springs for over 15 years.

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